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    Can Photoshop Batch Resize Tiff Files?

    chrysotile Level 1

      I have quite a number of tiff files that I want to resize in terms of page dimensions and retain the same resolution / dpi. Can Photoshop batch resize tiff files?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Yes Photoshop ships with a plugin Fit image you can record an action to re-size an image to fit within some number of pixels.  Image resolution setting and aspect ratio are not changed however the number on pixels the image will have will be less then or equal to the pixels size set.    For example if you set width and height to 2000px the largest size image you could have after the operation would be 1:1 aspect ratio square 4MP 2000x2000.  If your image has a landscape aspect ratio the re-sized image will be 2000px wide by less then 2000px high and if Portrait the re-sized is will be 2000px high be less then 2000px wide.  Bicubic Interpolation for the re-size.


          Once you record the single step action.  You can batch the action.  You can have batch open the image files and save over the original files or have batch save the resized files in a different location. Fit Image and Batch are both found in menu File>Automate>