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    Problems with looping pre comp walk cycle After Effects CC

    Alan_Silvester Level 1

      I've created a 33 frame walk cycle as a separate comp. My character walks perfectly for that one cycle but I want o bring him into another composition and loop his walk so he can move across the ground. My scene comp is 12 seconds long. I've set up the loop as follows:


      - Right click the pre-comp walk - time - enable time remap - then alt click the time remap effect and enter the expression loopOut()


      When I RAM preview, my character walks for 33 frames and then disappears, no loop, no character. At first I wondered if the simple fact that the media in my pre-comp was 33 frames long and my scene comp was 12 seconds long (25fps) may have been the reason for the character to disappear but then that's why I'm doing the loop, isn't it? I'm looping (infinitely) 33 frames of footage to fill the duration of 12 seconds.   


      Sooo, has anyone got any tips for looping. I'm really not getting anywhere with youtube tuts or google searches and I just can get the thing to work.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to extend the out point of the time recapped layer, and change the expression to loopOut("cycle") and then copy the first Time Remapping keyframe and paste it one frame after the last keyframe.


          I am guessing that the first and last frames of your walk cycle are identical. If that is the case then you want to go to the last Time Remapping keyframe, back up one frame, set a new keyframe there, then delete the last keyframe and paste a copy of the first keyframe at the in that position. If you don't do that then you'll have a hiccough in your walk cycle because you have two identical frames of the first and last position of your walk cycle.