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    My Edge Animate composition works fine on my local server but when I publish it to the web it doesn't load - any ideas why this is happening?


      Hi all


      I've been working on a test Edge composition which works fine when previewed in my browser or run on my local machine. However, when I publish it to my web server, it doesn't load properly. When I view source I can see the code and my content, but the browser page is blank.  I've done the following checks:


      • Tried two different web hosters in case it was a server setting - it doesn't work on either server
      • Added "AddType application / javascript .js" to the htaccess in case that was the problem (as advised here: still problems getting edge animations work in firefox) - it didn't change anything
      • Turned off CDN in the Edge Publish Settings
      • Tested in 3 different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) - getting the same issue in all 3, so don't think it's a browser problem
      • Checked that all subfolders (images, media, edge_includes) are published
      • I've tried uploading a version that is published directly from Edge without any changes (see here: Untitled)
      • And a 2nd version where I've added in some js to the header, based on this advice- it also doesn't work. See the 2nd test version here: Untitled

      I would really appreciate any help on this - I've got a deadline to contend with!  I would have thought that publishing should give a complete package that doesn't need any further edits to the code and can just be directly ftp'ed to the web - is this correct?Than