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    Indesing updated to latest version (10.0) but can't open file created yesterday.

    Linda Bruinenberg

      Created a file yesterday with Indesign. Wanted to continue work today but Indesign requests to update to 10.0. I updated allready I even created this file with this version with this edition of Indesign but can't open it anyway.


      - Alert shown is: Cannot open "[documentname]" because it was saved with a newer version of Adobe InDesign CC (10.0). You must use that version or later to open the file. To then enable it to be opened in this version, choose Save As InDesign CS4 or later, or export to IDML. -


      So to be clear; I created this document in this version of Indesign and it just doesn't open anymore although all possible updates are performed.



      Am really in need of some help since it is about two documents and I just lost work like this...



      Kind regards,