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    Adobe Extension Manager CC 2014

    Greg Drosssel

      Adobe Extension Manager CC 2014 does not work properly. how can i be able to install add-ons in Photoshop CC 2014?

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          We can't help you without more details. What's your real problem? Have you updated EM to 7.2.1? Do you use Windows or Mac?

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            I have the same problem, extension manager does not work for me and is grayed out in CC 2014. Extension manager seems to work and show that CC 2014 is operational but when I go into Photoshop it is grayed out and does not let me access anything. When I tried CS5 extension manager works just fine and is not grayed out. How can this be fixed?

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              dennishh Level 1

              I just stumbled blindly onto the solution. All I did was add the textures and plug-ins that I wanted in the extension manager and then I opened the creative cloud control panel which proceeded to install all the extensions. Previous to this I had just tried to use Photoshop which was unsuccessful.

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                Greg Drosssel Level 1

                Thank you so much for your quick response Carl Sun! 

                EM to 7.2.1 i'm assuming meant to be updating the new RAW Camera update for Photoshop CC 2014? If so, that wasn't the problem.

                The problem is following: With the CC annual membership i updated my Photoshop to CC 2014(by installing the newer version via CC manager, which downloaded and installed the newer version also, so later i just uninstalled the older version manually

                from my WIN 8 system. )  After that i lost all of my extensions by uninstalling the older version of the extension manager. and now lets say i want to add the extension (they become add-ons lately) DODGE AND BURN 2 for Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and i cant do it.

                My extension manager CC shows its there in Photoshop section. But when i lunch the Photoshop in Window fall down menu the a the extension section is not active & i'm not to lunch them. How you suggest to that i can be able to fix it.

                thank you again for your time.

                PS. excuse me for my English is not enough to describe, i'm still learning and its not my native language.

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                  Carl Sun Level 4

                  I am not sure if DODGE AND BURN 2 is a Flash-based extension. If yes, it can't be used in PS CC 2014.

                  The Flash-based extensions are no longer supported by PS CC 2014. Refer to http://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2014/04/photoshop-spring-cleaning.html. More details here: http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2014/06/installing-the-2014-release-of-creative-cloud.html

                  And here: http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2014/06/2014-release-of-photoshop-cc-faq.html#plugins (scroll down to "Why don’t my 3rd Panels show up in the 2014 release of Photoshop CC? What happened to Oil Paint, Mini-Bridge & Kuler?”)


                  If no extensions are loaded by PS CC 2014, the Window->Extensions menu item will be greyed out. If you installed any of HTML based extensions, it will be active.


                  Some Flash-based extensions may have HTML-based counterparts available. You can contact extension authors.