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    AS using variables from a php script via loadVariables

    NickTheNameless Level 1
      i got help on this same problem earlier and was guided to the correct answer. the person who answered my first problem mentioned that i may have problems with the getURL part and to investigate his solutions to this problem in his other replies to other problems. i did that, found the posts where he addressed this problem, but i am having trouble applying the answer to my problem.

      my php file gives me 10 sets of 3 different variables. for this example i'll refer to &url1, &link1, and &hits1. now in flash, i have a movie clip on the stage. i have the following AS in the first frame of the movie clip....

      TTbutton1.onRelease = function() {

      the button this script refers to contains dynamic text inside it where the instance name and var are set to link1.

      the dynamic text (link1) comes through and is displayed fine, but the url variables are not working. what am i doing wrong?