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    508 Compliant Skins

      Does anybody know where I may get a skin that I can use with WebHelp that is section 508 compliant. During generation of the Hlp, RoboHelp asks if your application has to be 508 compliant. If the box is checked, it will not apply any skins and without skins, the Search does not have a text box, where users would be able to enter text to search for. I am wondering if some one have developed a skin, that is 508 compliant, but has a text box build in the Search navigation. Currently the Search is managed via a list of links.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi prabhatkk and welcome to the RH community. I'm not aware of a single repository for 508 compliant skins but you can download from MSdN a design template that allows you to proiduce them. Click on this link.
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi all and welcome to the community prabhatkk

            Ummm, I certainly don't mean to be argumentative, but if you look at the output options for WebHelp, you will notice that if you choose to enable Section 508 compliancy, the ability to use skins is lost. This tells me that skins in and of themselves (or possibly by their very nature) don't lend themselves to being compliant.

            When you think about it, it does make sense. Section 508 is geared toward disabled individuals. Normally, this means they are using screen readers to "display" their browsing experience. All those pretty visual elements would be totally lost and wasted on someone visually impaired.

            Usually I will recommend generating WebHelp twice to two different folders. One folder containing a skinned system and another containing the Section 508 compliant system. Then you can do one of a couple of things.

            1. Offer a link from the web site that will open either version.
            2. Within a skinned WebHelp system, have a link that opens the Section 508 compliant version.

            Cheers... Rick
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              prabhatkk Level 1
              Thanks for the reply Rick. I was hoping to get a skin to be 508 compliant , as that would enable the Search component to have a text box. 508 compliant version doesn't come with a text box that can be used to search. Infact that was the only reason for me to look for a skin. Adobe Tech Support also didn't have an answer other than to use a skin to have the text box for Search. If I could not get another solution, I guess my only option here would be to have two versions of Help generated, as you mentioned- One with Skin and the other without.