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    How to move a topic to a new folder using Robohelp and preserve all Subversion History?




      I've spent days trying to find an answer and decided to turn to the great experts in these forums.


      My company is presented with a potential legal challnge and I really need someone's advise with something hopefully simple


      Here are the details:


      1. We use Robohelp 9 and our the RH project in question uses subversion

      2. Each time we need to retire a topic, instead of completely deleting it from within Robohelp, we simply move it to a different sub-folder and exclude it from the searches, etc.

      3. We recently realized though that each tuime we move any topic to a different folder, all previous revisions disappear from the file logs. Since the file now has a new patch, the system just thinks it's a brand new topic that we've added

      4. We tried moving some of them back to the original folder to see if the logs will re-appear, alas no go.

      5. We do have a team that deals with subversion, alas they are no experts in Robohelp. They will be able to restore the old versions manually, but we won't be able to move topics from folder to folder in the future, which will be terrible.


      We do believe that on the back end, Robohelp doesn't actually use "svn move" when we drag and drop a topic to a new folder (using RH), but it simply does a copy and then probably deletes the old on that had all the history.


      So long story short, here's the essence of my question.


      Is there any any possible way to move topics using Roboehlp from folder to folder and still prserve all logs/history?

      Maybe a setting in Robohelp or somewhere else that would allow this?



      Thank you in advance


      Assen G.

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