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    Background fails on H.264 render

    Keith Leslie



      Hopefully someone might be able to help, as I can't seem to come up with any solutions to the problem I'm having with rendering.


      The comp is an audio visualization, which RAM previews just fine. The issue is that on the final render, after the audio plays, the background layer fails and just turns a flat grey. It may not be the bg layer, but not sure how else to describe it. There's a black bg throughout, stretched to the length of the project, but it makes no difference. For this last 25 seconds after the music there is some text, that's all, on the same bg that is used when the music is playing.


      This happens when rendering as H.264 out of AE, but also, I tried exporting as .mov, which rendered fine, but the same error occurs when trying to render as H.264 out of media encoder. The strange thing is that I have just finished a different audio composition, very similar, but had no problems at all.


      I've tried identifying the problem by hiding and removing layers one at a time, getting down to nothing but a background layer, and it continues to happen. I've also tried different audio formats for the file, but makes no difference. I've tried without the audio. I've looked at the layer settings and comp setting and just not seeing anything that might be causing this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully this makes sense..


      Thanks in advance.