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    Errors in Export to PDF for web use - some images are lost when PDF is enlarged & in browser


      I have a multi-page PDF in InDesign CS6 that I want to export to view on the web. I need the file to stay under 2MB, and I need it to be crisp and nice enough to read the type on the page (as small as 9pt type).


      The errors that are occurring are the following:


        1. On some browsers, some images will entirely not show up. Some of the missing images have been pasted into the document, some placed. I cannot think of a correlation.
        2. When the PDF is enlarged (Adobe Acrobat X 10.1.10) to more than ~200%, there is one placed image that will mostly disappear. What I mean by "mostly" is that little bits of it are still visible, like I masked it carelessly or something. Since this is only occurring with one image it seems that it would be a problem with the image itself, yes? I'm all ears if I'm making a mistake. It is a placed .ai file with no link errors. Should I not be placing directly from illustrator? It renders wonderfully from 100% all the way up to 188%, and then if you enlarge by margins of 1% little bits of it disappear, almost a chunk at a time.


      The way I've been exporting is:


      File > Export > Adobe PDF (Print)

      Adobe PDF Preset: Smallest File Size

      Standard: None

      Compatinility: Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5)

      Options: Optimize for Fast Web View

      Export Layers: Visible & Printable Layers




      I always change the downsampling from [100/150] to [150/225]. I usually leave the JPG image quality low. I leave both bottom boxes checked (compress text and line art, crop image data to frames)




      Color Conversion: convert to destination

      Destination: sRGB 1EC61966-2.1

      Profile Inclusion Policy: Include Destination Profile


      However, after reading a few other forum questions I started trying to export as Acrobat 4 so that it would flatten. When I do that, problem #2 still persists although I didn't test problem #1. I haven't tried using Distiller, and using the "prepare for web publishing" action within Acrobat itself makes the PDF too artifacted.


      At the heart of my question is this: I am a young designer at an old company that is not necessarily keeping up with the times. I REALLY want to know what the best, most efficient way to export a pdf for web viewing is. Does this exist in InDesign, outside of InDesign? Does it exist at all? Tell me what I'm doing wrong so that I can get better!


      Thank you in advance.