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    best laptop for Premiere


      What Windows Laptop under $1500 can run Premiere effectively?

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Moving to the Hardware forum.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >under $1500 can run Premiere effectively


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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              First we have to know what media you will be dealing with. And something about your workflow.


              Here is what I have done and am using at this very moment.  I had to cut corners on this laptop to fit it into my budget.  In January this year I bought a refurbished ASUS G750JW for just over $900 ( just saw Newegg now has it for only $850) and upgraded the memory from the initial 8 GB to 24 GB by a very simple operation.  This computer has provisions for two hard disk drives and the furnished drive was a lousy 5400 rpm drive which has no use in video editing.  I cloned the OS and applications to a Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB SSD with the furnished Samsung Magician Software.  It was simple.  I removed the 5400 rpm drive and put the SSD in its place and the system worked perfectly.  I then installed a 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro in the second disk slot.  Total cost $1450.


              I have just recently edited a hour long three AVCHD camera shoot that worked beautifully.  Now you have to remember that there is only one way to edit video on a laptop, you have to keep it plugged into the AC power so that it does not go into battery saving mode and throttle CPU and GPU down.  I just checked last night and played the video from the Premiere timeline with playback set to full resolution and in the hour long video it only missed 6 frames.


              Also I have found a very high performance USB3 flash drive that is fast enough to be useful to hold the project file and the media for editing.  It is the PNY Turbo USB 3 128 GB for only $49 with 190 MB/second Read rate which is faster than 7200 RPM disk drives.

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                sturdyman Level 1

                Thanks for the input. Maybe I'll stick with the desktop for now.

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                  richardrock Level 1


                  Understand, the real secrets are being revealed to you here; Gehrke's drive replacement and usb3 flash as media drive are front lines tactics for Premiere users. I edit all day on a workstation with dual E5 Xeon 16core  (32 total) chips and 132GB 1600 mhz RAM with a five SSD RAID and a 780 Ti GTX video card, but in the evenings I use an MSI 12 GB RAM laptop to poke around, train, and set up projects etc.(and do my email and personal computing)...

                  Meaning: If you are responsible for industry level output, the high end hardware is to be engaged, but for learning, dabbling, getting started, and small or less time demanding projects - don't be afraid to use less than top end hardware, get into the game and enjoy what you have for now. Laptops can be very useful to some users.

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                    Thanks Richard.  This laptop got me back into the family room to be with my wife rather than hiding in th "computer" room for hours at a time.  So I (and my wife) consider it to be a wise investment.  I sure wish I had such a tool when I was in school.  Back then before even calculators it was a slide rule!




                    If the modifications scare you I would be glad to coach you through the process, it is extremely simple.  It of course would have to be off-line from the forum.  The bottom of my notebook looks like this showing the easy insertion of the two memory modules and the two disk carriers.


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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      ...much thanks to you Bill !! I SECOND Bill's recommendation concerning the refurbished Asus G750jw !!!  A few days ago a LIGHTNING BOLT hit the side of our home and FRIED my existing laptop's main board...it was plugged in...of course.

                         I had been waiting for new Haswell E machines to appear, but, now had to take action. I bought that SAME laptop as Bill's for $850,( with the $50) rebate, and it is performing GREAT WITH THE same MODS DONE ....I have 2 SSds in there....24 GB memory....Crucial M550 512GB for boot and old Crucial M4 480GB as second drive.

                         A key feature is a THUNDERBOLT port....which will allow connection to a HIGH SPEED external drive solution.

                      My laptop arrived appearing to be BRAND NEW......not a single blemish, or, even fingerprint on it ! All pixels are fine on the screen and it runs silent and all temps are low.


                      For Ha Has, I ran the old PPBM5 test on it, using PPro 5.03 !!    Much to my surprise.....without overclocking the video card..... the laptop finished with a total time of 205 seconds....putting this laptop among the top tier DESKTOPS from 3 years ago !!!!


                      Bill, I have read your suggestion to OC the memory clock on the GPU, ( as much as 50%)... I am curious if you have done this while leaving all other settings ALONE,or, have you adjusted any OTHER settings as well, ( like core VOLTAGE ,or, other settings).


                      This has been a GREAT DEAL.....$850 FOR A TOP MACHINE !!!!.....FUGGETABOUTIT !!!!......AYYYYYY !!!!


                      This is my 3rd Asus......ALL have performed greatly.....best value for the dollar. Memory upgrade for me was $169 and the 550 was $256, both retail at the local TD store.


                      I think it is an OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE !!!!!

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                        Glad you are so pleased like I am.  No, I did not have to adjust anything else than the memory speed.  I just looked for comparison at the standard GTX 760 and saw that to extend battery life they way underclocked the the memory on the GTX 765M to 1 GHz when that memory is easily capable of 1,5 GHz or more.


                        Here is a GPU-Z output that shows that at 1.5 GHz memory clock and 99% utilization the temperature is only 56° C which is very reasonable.

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                          JFPhoton Level 3

                          Thanks for the response Bill !!!.....WOW !!....56 degrees is NOTHING !!....that card won't shut off until 90 !!!    Running in the 70's all day wouldn't even make it sweat. I think we both saved a lot of money on a good laptop solution !!! I thought my old G73 was good, but, this laptop...for FAR LESS,..is really something. And for those people who want to go all out, there are the more expensive models with even beefier video cards. I still am wondering about what type of laptops will appear, if any, with  the new Haswell E CPU.


                          The NEXT task will be to build a Haswell E desktop rigged with SSDs !!! So, anyone reading this post can now see ,two of us had good luck so far with these refurbished G750s and a simple upgrade......thanks again, Bill !!

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                            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                            Thanks for the pat on the back JF!


                            Nothing to do with this thread, but I am embarking on a similar path with the Haswell-E and probably an all SSD system.  I am following some new SSD solutions at up to 3000 GB/s read speed via NVMe protocol with a single device!