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    RoboHelp 10: Imported Topics Not Showing Up in Project View

    GnorbX Level 1



      Here is my issue:

      1) I import files via the project view (right click > Import > Select HTML files).

      2) Files are "imported", including related images.

      3) Although the folders in which the images are located are imported and shown in the project, the HTML file is missing from the project list.

      4) When I attempt to re-import, the system complains that the file already exists in the project.


      I've attempted to delete the CPD file and reboot. No luck. The files still don't show up. When I create a page in the TOC and manually write the file name, the page shows up.


      NOTE: The pages all have a .html file extension (as opposed to .htm). This hasn't been an issue with other pages, however, which have .html extensions but still show up in the project view.