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    AEA Action code not working

    richardELeach Level 1



      I'm doing a simple test to help learn Adobe Edge Animate (AEA).


      I created a new composition, and created a round rectangle image (RoundRect). With RoundRect selected I click the Open Actions button and:

      I add a click event

      Under Pick an Action I click Toggle Hide/Show

      Under Pick a Target I click RoundRect


      The following code gets generated by AEA:

      // Set a toggle to hide or show an element

      if (sym.$("RoundRect").is(":visible")) {


      } else {




      When I publish and view in the browser, the RoundRect iniitially appears, and when clicked it disappears, all as expected. However clicking anywhere on the screen won't get it to appear again.


      The Javascript console on my browser is not reporting any errors nor messages.


      My expectation was that, since AEA generated this code it would work. Anyone see what I'm missing?


      Thanks in advance for your help,