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    HELP! How do I un-install and then RE-install Camera Raw 5.7 on my Mac?

    Kate Elizabeth

      My CS4 would no longer open my RAW files (Canon 5D Mark II) and I was told (on this forum) that I needed to update my camera raw to 5.7. So I downloaded 5.7 but could not figure out HOW to get it installed in the proper place. After trying but not succeeding, my CS4 now tells me there is NO camera raw installed, not even the old one I was running! So I tried to RE-install 5.7 but I get the message that it's already installed. So it's SOMEWHERE on my computer, but I don't know where. It's not in photoshop or where is should be, but I can't try to install it again because my computer tells me it's already installed. How do I remove it from my computer so that I can try again? OR MAYBE BETTER YET, HOW DO I FIND IT AND GET IT INTO THE PROPER PLACE?