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    Frame scale back to 100%

    Fede Gianni Level 3

      Hi all:


      i've recieved a InDesign CS6 document with an image frame scaled (not the content), whatever i put on the scale box always show 88.5% (if I enter 100% DOES the transformation but the number fast goes back to 88.5%) i don't care the number showed, BUT my Text Warp also reduces to 88.5%, and this I DO care.


      Now I'm workarounding by doing new frames and placing the image again without problem, the normal behavior of always showing 100%, but just to know a little more about my beloved InDy i bring this to the community.


      the example shows an 1p gutter and a 1p text warp (reduced)


      I have two questions


      1: is there a way to put the frame back to 100%? and it shows 100% and my text warp back to 1p?




      2: is there a way to unchain the text warp of the frame scale%?



      Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 13.57.49 .png


      thank you all in advance and for all this years of teaching me

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          Migintosh Level 4

          I'm not sure why it's doing that. When I place an image and select it (the frame) with the Selection tool, it always reads as 100%. If I resize it (by Command or Shift-Command dragging a handle), I can see the percentage change as I'm changing it, but the display always reverts back to 100% when I release the mouse button. I can only see the changed percentage if I look at the content with the direct select tool, but the frame is always at 100%.


          If I know that the image needs to be at 100%, I can set it on the contents and then fit the frame to the contents. Would that help?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I think this is the result of having the scaling option in the prefs set to Adjust Scaling Percentage, but the behavior you describe of rfverting to 85% would not be normal, either, in that case. Have you tried doing a "Redefine Scaling as 100%" from the Control panel flyout menu?

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              Fede Gianni Level 3

              i don't even knew the function, thanks Peter!


              YES is the result of having reduced the frame WITH the adjust scaling percentage, and then change the preferences with the apply to content radio button. so the "normal" behaviour of always showing the same % returned.


              but i think that text warp should be a fixed value.

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                Fede Gianni Level 3

                no, i tried all, yes the content always show the real percentage of the image, the solution is once again known by the ol' good pete