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    CS5 overheats computer/NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M when other programs don't




      I've recently started to experience crazy overheating of my CPU and the fan going wild whenever I'm using Photoshop CS5 (32 bit). But for some strange reason, this overheating doesn't happen when I'm watching or even editing 1080p videos and using CPU-hogging programs like Sony Vegas. I've heard this might be a problem with some NVIDIA cards when running CS5, and as I've got an HP laptop, I also know they are prone to overheating like crazy. Thing is, I've also got a cooling fan underneath this lappy as I'm typing, so I'm prepared for this--but the overheating only ever happens with Photoshop and no other program. Any idea what's up--have other people experienced this?


      Here are my system specs:


      Windows 7 64 bit

      HP Pavilion dv7-7080eo

      Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GT 630M version 295.55

      8 GB RAM

      750 GB HD

      Processor: Intel Core i-73610QM CPU @2.30GHz