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    New PC for video editing, daily use of After Effects, opinions/comments ?


      I'm building a new PC for using video editing softwares with because my old one is getting tired. I'd like to know what people think of that configuration. I plan on using this computer with the latest versions of After Effects and Premiere, i'm also beginning to learn Cinema 4D.


      ASUS Sabertooth Z97 MARK2

      Corsair Vengeance 1866 DDR3 RAM (4x8gig)

      Barracuda 2TB (x2)

      Intel Core i7-4790k Haswell Quad Core 4.0Ghz

      EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Dual 3GB w/ EVGA ACX Cooler

      Cooler Master HAF 932 Case.

      Power Supply ? Dunno what's good and durable here, care to help me what to choose ?


      Those things combined are pretty much maxing out my budget so i'm open to changing something for something else if it's worth it and not twice the price of it.

      Thanks !!

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          savetheplatypi Level 1

          I would certainly advise a ~256GB SSD for your system drive and keep the barracuda's only for your media (1 backup 1 main yes?).  I've had good experience with seasonic, corsair, and antec for power supplies but really I'd advise checking the models with the best rated and most customer reviews which should help you find the most popular models.  Otherwise, if you're not in a rush and can wait for when individual components go on sale slickdeals or similar sites can help your budget a good deal.

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            JEShort01 Level 4

            Your price point is fine, particularly if you were thinking about dual GTX 780 TI's - I was a bit unclear from your post.


            MB - change to x79 motherboard; Asus is good

            CPU - Intel 6-core; i7-3930k or i7-4930k are both excellent choices and 6-cores will help vs. 4 core CPUs

            GPU - you can save some cash here unless DVD render outputs are really important for you; a single GTX 770 2GB will work very well for most workflows; if a 4k monitor is in your future however, go for a 4GB or 6GB GTX model

            RAM - 32 GB is good for Premiere, but for After Effects you may want to go with 64GB; 1600 speed DDR3 is fine; there is not much real world difference between 1600 MHz and anything faster

            boot drive - agree with other post - definitely get a 256GB SSD; I like Samsung 840 Pro, Seagate 600 series, and my new favorite is probably the Crucial M550 series

            2x 2TB Barracuda - good; I would do a RAID 0 on these for the speed benefit, but using them as separate drives could work as well

            HAF 932 - oldie and a goodie!

            power supply - I like the Corsair AX and AXi series a LOT; a 750 watt high-quality p/s would probably work, but the more watts you get the quieter it will be under load; I have a AX-1200 and it is pretty silent until it has to work really hard





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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              Totally agree with the SSD suggestion and would like to point you Harm's Tweakers Page on our PPBM7 web site.  Do not know what you are going to be editing but studying his many suggestions you might be able to scale back on the GPU with the quad core CPU if your media is not too demanding.  It will also give you a better idea on the disk requirements.


              Here is the heart of his work showing you the variables when configuring a system that everyone should consider:

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                AE and C4D is all CPU threading and ram. Video cards wont help the performance. Octane is used with C4D for GPU acceleration if you end up there. Beyond that I would suggest a 6 Core on an X79 if AE is the focus with 64GB of ram.




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                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I'm finally on a system that's got some juice to it so it's worthwhile having the right layout of files. The one thing that is a bit confusing is the variety of nomenclature of the "background" files. So ... within PrPro we have settable locations for:


                  Media Cache Files

                  Media Cache Database

                  Video Previews

                  Audio Previews


                  Project Files


                  And of course, the original footage or 'media'.


                  I've spent some time reading articles around here and on the tweaker's page, especially the "Disk Setup" page. I think I've got an understanding of the idea, but want to check.


                  -system is twin-SSD's in a RAID 0 configuration for a usable 220GB (idea by my builder, a gamer & designer of video utilizations within business websites); holding programs and the Windows cache/pagefiles.

                  -Cache SSD of 60GB, set currently for Media Cache Files and Media Cache Database.

                  -3 TB Western Digital Black disk set for current project and media files.

                  - 500MB Velociraptor currently set for video & audio preview files.


                  There are two large eSata-connected drives for backup/local storage plus a USB-connected external for all "general" documents, word-files, downloads & etc ... don't care about speed there. Basic system data is an i7-4770 on an Asus board w/16GB RAM, EVGA GTX-770 w/4GB vRAM.


                  Any suggestions on configuring file locations? I also run Speedgrade and a bit of AeFx ... especially concerned with Sg's operations also.