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    Missing TOC of WebHelp in IE7

      When I view a WebHelp generated with RH2002 in IE7 then the TOC does not display. Is there anything I can do about this, perhaps a specific property of the IE that needs to be set?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Are you launching the actual start page (most authors usually call them index.htm or start.htm)? It'll also have two related files called filename_csh.htm and filename_rhc.htm.

          If those three files don't appear, you're probably opening source files instead.

          Good luck,
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            robert_sfl Level 1
            Leon, thanks but this is the start page. I can open the same page in IE6 and the help displays fine. To be more precise, the navigantion pane displays in IE7 but the TOC entries are missing. The search is OK.

            I should add that the topics in this project were edited with HoTMetaL but this should not be a problem I think.
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              HKabaker Level 2
              Things to check:

              Browser setting to allow ActiveX.
              Browser setting not to block popups.

              Output files are present in whdata, whgdata and whxdata directories.
              If you don't have those files, check RH WebHelp setting to generate DHTML, Applet. Navigation pane needs DHTML. Not sure about Applet, but it has benefits.