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    Show/Hide Button Repetition Glitch?


      Hello, I'm working in ID CC on a PC creating interactive PDF documents using buttons. For the most part, the document is working very well. However, I have a repeated format that isn't functioning properly. For example, P1 has a base image, then two show/hide buttons with a rollover state (each button is composed of a grouped text box with a number, 1 & 2 respectively, and surrounding circle) then two hidden buttons each with a grouped image and text box that are triggered by the first two buttons. Page 2 is composed in the same manner, created from scratch, with new content, but now there are 3 numbered show/hide buttons and three image text buttons. When exported separately both pages work as expected where clicking on the #1 button triggers the #1 image. When exported as the intended multi-page document, the second page faults, button #1 and #2 don't appear when clicked, but #3 still works.


      Any thought's or solutions?