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    How do I print a ACO/ASE color swatch file?


      I have an ACO swatch file with more than a hundred colors in it I received from a client, and need to print the colors out in a matrix or table with RGB/CMYK values associated with each. How do I do this without having to go through the excruciating process of extracting all the information manually from each individual swatch?

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          There is no automatic way to print out swatch files.

          And the RGB/CMYK values will depend a lot on the colorspace that the values are defined in.


          Someone might be able to write a script to do what you wish.

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            It seems like a very strange oversight on Adobe's part to not have any way to output information contained in swatch files. That really limits their utility and encourages a lot of bad work process behaviors (like sampling old PSD files for color instead of using standardized color swatches).


            So far, the only thing I've found that is letting me extract some of the information I need is to convert the ACO file to ASE, then open it in a free utility called Palette Parser (Palette Parser | Web Biscuit), convert it to a GIMP .gpl palette file, then open it in Notepad to copy-and-paste the RGB values. Adobe ACO/ASE files are binaries, not ascii text, but the GPL file is clear text, not binary. Now I just need to figure out what program to paste the RGB values into so I can get the output I need (a color matrix with appended metadata such as RGB values and descriptions of what each color is for).


            Any suggestions?