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    AMS 5 - Enabling htcacheclean on Windows

    realeyes_jun Level 1

      I'm trying to enable htcacheclean for AMS on windows. I've performed the following steps:


      1. Modified the ams.ini to enable htcacheclean:


      1.b. Set SERVER.HTCACHEROOT = C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Media Server 5/Apache2.2/cacheroot


      2. Updated the httpd.conf by uncommenting LoadModule cache_module modules/mod_cache.so


      3. Double-checked the Server.xml htcacheclean block which looks like this:

      <HtCacheClean enabled="${SERVER.HTCACHECLEAN_ENABLED}">



        <RequiredOptions>-p${SERVER.HTCACHEROOT} -d5 -l1024K</RequiredOptions>

        <AdditionalOptions>-n -t -i</AdditionalOptions>



      The htcacheclean tool doesn't seem to run or launch. I've checked the master.00.log and don't see AMS invoking the htcacheclean daemon:


      2014-07-1618:04:244480(i)2571011Server starting...-
      2014-07-1618:04:284480(i)2581413C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 5\Apache2.2\bin\httpd -f ./conf/httpd.conf -d "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 5\Apache2.2" -n AMSHttpd -k start returned 0:-
      2014-07-1618:04:284480(i)2581224Edge (7580) started, arguments : -edgeports ":1935" -coreports "localhost:19350" -conf "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 5\conf\server.xml" -adaptor "_defaultRoot_" -name "_defaultRoot__edge1" -edgename "edge1".-
      2014-07-1618:04:284480(i)2571111Server started (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 5\conf\server.xml).-


      I've tried this on both a Windows 2010 Server and a Windows 7 Professional machine with identical results. Also, I've verified that I can run the htcacheclean tool manually without error from the command line.


      Anyone have any idea of what I'm missing?


      Thanks in advance!