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    LR 4.4 Import crashes Win8


      I have just recently experienced Windows 8 system crashes when importing files from an SD card. The crashes seem to occur most often when the number of files exceeds 100 (12-26 MP files)  LR will usually proceed as usual until some point well into the loading of the previews (40, 60, 80) and then black screen.When I restart, LR opens normally and then pops up a dialog box saying something about needing to restart to recover the catalog? When I do that it can go back to the preview page and then import the remainder of the card's files without problem. At first I thought it might have been related to my practice of using the loupe view of the incoming files, but it has done it even when allowed to run without opening loupe view.  Closing all other programs does not seem to help. I have a half-filled 500G hard drive and 16G of memory available.  Searching for import crashes seems to mostly involve freeze or crash of LR itself. Anyone with a suggestion?