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    Premiere Elements 12 and Davinci Resolve Lite

    vdifronzo Level 1

      I'm reaching out to see if anyone is currently using Davinci Resolve Lite along with PE12.

      Can't seem to find any info regarding a Workflow of color correcting / editing using these two programs.

      There are several regarding Premiere Pro, but not PE.


      As I have reviewed several Davinci tutorials and even have gone through their 754 pg manual, the references are to PremierePro and FinalCut, understandably.

      A lot of it seems to revolve around the fact that exports are done using XML, EDL, CDL, etc. formats, which I don't believe PE has the ability to import.

      But, there is no mention if there are other export formats that could be utilized in PE.


      In any event, if anyone is using Davinci with PE, I would appreciate some input regarding your Workflow.





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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          As per our prior discussion on this question in another thread, have you contacted DaVinci Resolve Lite support to inquire about any applications documentation?


          If you could let us know what all the possible exports are from a DaVinci Resolve Lite project, we could give you some input on whether those formats would be expected to be

          compatible with Premiere Elements (any version). Surely DaVinci Resolve Lite support should have that information if not applications documentation.





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            vdifronzo Level 1

            ATR -


            Yes I contacted Davinci directly and they basically have 3 avenues for providing information for the Lite version; Hands-on, Manual or Forum.

            I presented the question in their forum as well (no response yet), but I was really hoping to get a bit more feedback here in the PE forum since my question pertains specifically to Premiere Elements.


            My goal was to perhaps find someone in this forum that is actually implementing a Workflow with both programs.


            I do not have any "hands-on" experience with Davinci, but it's my understanding that the Lite version is very powerful and color corrects better than PE.

            That would be apparent too, since many Premiere Pro and Final Cut editors use the Lite version over tools in their respective programs.


            Without hands on experience I can only quote the exports mentioned above which I reviewed in the Manual.


            Google hasn't provided anything promising as it relates to these 2 programs specifically either