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    Web Service problem

    susilosaja Level 1
      Hi ,

      I have this in my mxml :

      <mx:WebService id="serviceCatalog"
      wsdl=" http://localhost/IndieZone/DesktopModules/Catalog/CatalogWebService.asmx?WSDL"
      <mx:operation name="GetGenres" resultFormat="object"
      result="resultGetGenres(event);" />

      And I have this in my .as code :

      private function sendGetGenres():void
      Alert.show("SEND GET GENRES");

      private function resultGetGenres(event:ResultEvent):void
      Alert.show("RESULT GET GENRES");
      listGenre = event.result as ArrayCollection;


      The Alert "SEND GET GENRES" show up , but it never go to the result handler.
      There is no error. Just nothing happen.
      The weird thing is , the exact same code run well yesterday , and suddenly it's not working anymore.
      And I've also tested that Web Service Url from a browser , and it runs well.
      I run it from Flex Builder.

      Any suggestion why this could happen ?

      Another thing is , yesterday when it was running , this line of code on the same application :
      show me error when I dont provide the parameter.
      Now when I dont provide it, there is no error.