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    Crashes when printing from InDesign CS3


      It used to be that when I tried to print in InDesignCS3 in my MAC 10.7.5; I would go to:  Crash printing | Illustrator, InDesign | CS3, CS4 | Mac OS 10.7

      the I was told to just delete the following files:


      [Hard Drive]/Library/Printers/PPDs/contents/Resources/en.lproj


      [Hard Drive]/Library/Printers/PPDs/contents/Resources/Zh_CN.lproj


      [Hard Drive]/Library/Printers/PPDs/contents/Resources/Ja.lproj


      [Hard Drive]/Library/Printers/PPDs/contents/Resources/ko.lproj


      [Hard Drive]/Library/Printers/PPDs/contents/Resources/Zh_TW.lproj

      and everything worked out fine.  Now, the above files don't even exist. Is there a new work-around??????