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    Edge Animate responsive scaling problem

    dajupe Level 1


      I am having a terrible time with the responsive scaling from Edge Animate.

      When I insert the html into a div in Dreamweaver the scaling works, however any divs below the animation get pushed down (when scaling the page) causing a large and unsightly gap. I have rang Adobe about the problem and I tried a couple of things they said but nothing has worked. The operator was trying to tell me I have a problem with my css. However everything is logically in order. I changed the display from inline to block. When I change the position from static to absolute it simply ignores both the above and below divs, simply displaying over the top of them as though they don't exist. I have used margins and max height for the div with no positive outcome. Can anyone Please help! If I change the px size in the html(in Dreamweaver) to % it creates a scroll bar which is undesirable. I have noted I am not the only person having this problem. If there are some wiz coders out there, can you please try and recreate the scenario to see if it is in fact a problem with EA and DRW and not an era on my behalf because the issue is driving me nuts! Cheers.