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    convincing the boss to invest in Flex 2

    aqlongnion Level 1
      From my own research and reading, and a some mockups and proofs-of-concepts I've put together for my boss, it's clear to me that Flex 2 is a worthy investment (for proprietary reasons, I can't say the type of RIA projects I'm working on). But my boss has some last questions, which I didn't have good answers for (at least off the top of my head).

      1.) can it support home-grown DRM ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Rights_Management) solutions for content? For code modules - e.g. can you decompile the code?

      2.) what capabilities do you lose if you run apps offline?

      3.) how does it support certificates - e.g. to ensure authenticity?

      4.) how can you support versioning between modules - e.g. ensure that toolbars a,b,c work with app bodies d,e,f but not G

      5.) how would you support internationalization at runtime?

      6.) what about Mac support (it's ultimately supposed to be cross-platform - don't know if it's there yet)

      Thanks in advance for your thoughtful, expert answers ;-)
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          davidmedifit Level 1
          Here goes:

          1) While I'm not 100% sure about the answer to this, I think there is a way to decompile a SWF. I assume it is your base code that you want to protect, or is it the application logic? The thing to be clear about is that Flex is the presentation layer in your app, your back end logic will be served from web services, java or ColdFusion. I use the latter, and thus my business logic is protected. Does that answer your question? Can you clarify your concerns?

          2) Flex is browser (on-line) based. If you want to port it "off-line" you will need to look into Apollo. I'm not in a position to tell you what you "lose", if anything.

          3) I'm not sure exactly what you mean - are you talking about authentication? It handles as well as any other language.

          4) You'll have to explain your requirements better - It sounds like you need some sort of role management within your app. That is something you'll have to code. The good thing about Flex is that you can't URL hack to different pages, like you would on a HTML based site.

          5) I would use CSS. As of version 2.1 of Flex, CSS at runtime is supported.

          6) Flex apps are rendered in a browser, and are cross platform to MAC's.


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            scooter5791 Level 1
            SoThink has a SWF decompiler. It will only work with versions 6-8 at this time though so it wouldn't work with Flex-compiled SWFs which are version 9 - even if it did would only give you an FLA file and not MXML. I have not personally tried it but I have been told by friends that it works. They have some other nice tools I have tried such as their DHTML menu which will create dynamic menus from data queries and works well with Coldfusion for example.

            Find it at http://www.sothink.com/product/flashdecompiler/index.htm