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    After Win 7 updates, Epson Printer driver takes 4 minutes to appear when printing from Photoshop CC -- it's OK in LR. How can I reinstall PS CC?


      Last weekend I installed several Win 7 updates one by one and everything seemed to go well. A few days before I had uninstalled some programs I had not used for a while. None of them interacted with P'shop. Since then the printer driver screen takes 4 minutes to load when I am printing from P'shop. There is no problem printing from LR -- the printer screen appears almost instantaneously. While waiting for the P'shop to load the printer driver, I see no disk activity and I have plenty of memory available. When the printer driver screen appears, it also takes about 4-5 minutes for any of the sub-screens to appear. Once output starts, everything is fine. None of these problems occur with any of my other programs that print to the Epson 4880, nor does it occur with my other regular inkjet printer.


      I intend to re-install the Epson Printer driver, and if I weren't using CC would re-install P'shop. How can I do that with my CC Photographer's Subscription bundle?