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    Is that any AS to rotate swfs in and out?

      I tried to do a search on this but didn't know what keywords to search for:

      I need to rotate several flash animations on my page. I would like to have a swf fade out and another seperate swf fade in. I could just make a long flash animation that had all of the swfs in it, but some of the animations will change from time to time, while others will stay the same. So it would be nice if I could just modify some actionscript to jump to the new animation rather than having to cut and paste the whole swf into just one big swf.

      Am I making any sense?

      Y'all have helped my a lot in the past and I'd really appreciate your help again.

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          If I understand you properly, you can do this with a simple move.load command. Set up a movie clip with two layers. load a new movie clip into the first frame of the top layer with a stop command keeping you on that frame for the timeline. Make a tween of the first layer to alpha 0% for frames 2-10 or so, depending on how long you want your transition. On frame 2, write a frame based script that loads a new movie in the lower layer based on whatever input you've selected (e.g. a user clicking on a button that sends a variable to the movie clip you're working in) At the last frame of the animation, which is also the gotoAndStop(1) command, add a movie.load command to swap the image on layer 1 to be the one that you just inserted on layer 2. That'll set you up for the next transition.

          Not sure that was clear, but I just did this for a client. Good luck. Hope the concept at least gave you some inspiration.
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            You could write a function for the tweens and then just apply it to your movieclips, adjusting the variables as necessary: