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    Need help adding a Footer


      Is it possible to add a footer on a form? If so, how...?


      Got to have this form ready for presentation by 1:00 pm today, so any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


      - Rob

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          RCampbell.ACT Level 1

          I called Adobe on this one. They did not offer a "footer" option. So, I created one. Here's how:


          At the bottom of a page in a multi-page form, insert a text field. Press Enter until the text field moves to the top of the next page, then press delete one time to move it back to bottom of original page. (This puts you on the bottom line) Adjust your font (style, size, etc.) and type in the text for your new makeshift "footer"!


          This helps to take up some of the blank space at the bottom of the pages that can occur due to how things need to be spaced out.