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    Reinsteall Creative Cloud? I can't get it to launch.


      I just upgraded to Mavericks and my CC went insane. I uninstalled it assuming I could reinstall it, but it took me a while to even find an installer and the installer quits before I can screen cap it.


      When I tried it last night it was just slow, and I finally had to force quit several times and started getting errors that it couldn't start. So I uninstalled it. My applications work fine but how do I synch to Typekit now??? And are the 2014CC apps I'm downloading trials? Or are they legit? I'm downloading them from my "accounts management" page and the offshoots from there.


      It's like Adobe knows I'm a member but I can't figure out how to get the cloud back. I NEED my synching with Typekit and I'm freaked out!