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    Need assistance with Sound Toggling

      New to Flash so please bear with me.

      I am building a Flash-only (for now) site and would like to have the same song playing throughout the site. I found a tutorial on building a 2-button sound toggle using 3 frames (frames 1,2, and 3), and it works fine. The problem I am having is getting it to work with all of the "pages" on the site. Using a separate tutorial, I added another layer for different pages and inserted keyframes at frames 5,10,15,20, with each one containing unique page content. I'm sure my problem is obvious that when I preview the file and go to any page other than the first frame, the last toggle frame (Sound Off) displays. And if sound is playing and I'm on a page other than Frame 1 and click Sound On I get taken back to the first frame.

      If someone could suggest a solution to get this up and running I would really appreciate it.