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    Rahul Mainkar
      Hi All,

      I have developed an application which uses a webservice to fetch data from a R/3 server.
      I hard code the wsdl in my proram which looks something like this...

      <mx:WebService id="wsData" showBusyCursor="true" makeObjectsBindable="true"
      wsdl=" http://sbc.com:8301/sap/bc/soap/wsdl11?services=XYZ"
      fault="seeFault(event)" result="parse()" >

      Now everything is working fine. Now If I have to access a different webservice (i.e. a new WSDL), I need to open my program, change the WSDL , recomplie it and again host it on the server.

      This makes things a little complicated.
      What I want to do is to put all this services (or WSDL) into a single repository or file so that If my webservice changes, I dont have to change my code.I just have to update the repository. Also I want this services to be hidden from the outer world.

      Any ideas about this will be much appreciated. This problem is realy killing my time.

      Thanks for any assistance provided.

          M. Huisman
          Well that seems fairly impossible unless you use a shitload of flashvars, the thing with WSDL is that if you add or remove services which you use in your flex application, you can't access them because flex don't know them, or you get a stackdump because you are calling a WS that no longer exists.

          Adding services to the WSDL isn;t the problem, but calling them dynamicly is, I don't think that flex in it's current form is ready for that.
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            you could try saving the WSDL URL as a string in an XML file and loading the XML file first, then parse out the string, and try binding the WSDL property of the <mx:WebService wsdl="{wsdlStringFromXMLFile}"> component to the string.

            No idea if that will actually work, but you can give it a shot. It'd be interesting to see if that works.