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    Internet Explorer Script Error


      I've read through the other topics with similar names and tried implementing their solutions, but my problem still exists.

      I have a RH6 project that originated from RH5. The original primary layout was FlashHelp, but, due to needing to merge projects and other issues, we are now trying to output as CHMs.

      Everytime I build this project and try to view the output, I get a long Internet Explorer Script Error that points to a certain line of code and says there is an unexpected object. This happens with every topic in the help file.

      I've viewed the code and the offending line is part of a javascript call that I can only assume RH created since I did not. (I am the only writer who accesses this project.)

      I've even looked at the JS file, and, well, I'd have better luck trying to solve the world's problems than figuring out what that's about.

      Oh - everything I'm doing is local to my system - so no network issues that I can think of. Disabling error reporting and debugging in IE did not fix the issue.

      The really fun part is that building a CHM file worked yesterday. Out of this exact same project. And I don't know what changed overnight.

      Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks!