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    ._visible compatibilty with Flash 6 player????

      i am working on a nav menu for my client in which it is just a simple rollover from gray text to white text. that is where the simplness ends. It has just a storke clip, a mask clip, and a background clip. As you "onRollOver" the mask unveils the stroke under neath the rollovered text to white, and slides the width of the movie. then 'onRollOut" the stroke clip becomes invisible.

      here is a sample of the code:
      menu_bar_mc.onRollOver = function(){
      stroke_mc._visible = true;
      menu_bar_mc.onRollOut = function(){
      stroke_mc._visible = false;
      so far this is only compatible with Flash Player 8, since my client is a big client with a broad client base I need to design this nav bar for Flash 6 players. Simply put what can i substitute for the _visble code to get the same result?