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    Auto import into Lightroom without moving to a destination folder

    Polaris_777 Level 1

      May I propose a feature request for Lightroom to modify the behaviour of the 'Auto Import' function to make it more flexible.


      I have a large library of photographs which spans a hierarchical folder structure that pre-dates Lightroom (i.e. I had organised all of my photos into folders before I got Lightroom, and I want to keep that arrangement).  I would like to be able to 'watch' a particular parent folder and have Lightroom automatically add any picture files which appear in there (or in any subfolders) to the library, in the same way that I can do using the 'Synchronize Folder' function.  Currently the 'Auto Import' function of Lightroom purports to watch a folder and automatically add files to the library, but it insists on me specifying a destination folder for it to move them to. I don't want to move them anywhere.  For example, if I scan images, work them in Photoshop and then save them in a location on my file system, I then have to remember to go into Lightroom, remember which folder i put the images in, and synchronise this in Lightroom to bring the new images into the library.


      The feature I request above would allow me (or any of my family who may not be familiar with Lightroom) to deposit photos onto the file system as I have always done, safe in the knowledge that they will automatically find their way into Lightroom and that my Lightroom library will always be up to date.


      Thanks for listening.