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    coldfusion 10 with creamweaver cs5 and cs6 hiding saved files?

    Jay999999999999999 Level 1

      I have CF 10 enterprise sp12 running on windows 2012 std as a virtual machine on 2012 Hyper-v host.


      When a dreamweaver CS 5 or CS 6 makes a change to any part of a CFC file like a space a single character in the file (like a comment area) and saves the file directly on the server the file time stamp changes with the save but when  a browser IE or chrome tries to open the changed file the file is not found and/or the request times out at 60 seconds.... several minutes later a refresh is successfully to open the file.


      If I modify the same file with Notepad ++ in the same manner ( one or 2 characters) and open the file with IE/Chrome - the file is found the code runs  and the modifications are found.


      Trying the same test on a CF9 std installation on a 2003 server the "file not found error/lag" does not occur.


      I'd like to know how to resolve the above issue between CF10 and dreamweaver  as it is needed for development and so far it is slowing everything down.


      Jay Bietz

      IT manager

      PASCO scientific