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    Import a single subdirectory?


      Hi all,


      Ok, just getting started with Lightroom (been using Bridge until now). Trying to import the last group of photos I took. The thing is, I've been organising my photos for years in a year/month/day directory structure. So, photos from today are in /Photos/2014/07/17. /Photos is a remote drive that's shared among all my systems.


      I can tell Lightroom to look in /Photos, and then it lets me choose the Year folder (so 2014, 2013, etc) but it can then either include ALL subdirectories, or none at all. So it won't let me drill down to /07/ and then /17/. I can either import everything from this year (which I don't want to do) or manually select the 400+ photos I just took (since there's no Shift+select, which I also don't want to do every time I import photos)...


      Am I missing something? I know I can technically copy my photos to a specific place each time and import them... but I want all my photos on a central remote drive in a nice tidy structure. Can I get Lightroom to do it the way I want?

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          areohbee Level 6

          I'm confused. Either import in place ('Add') if already where you want them (and drill down all the way), e.g.


          (this is my import inbox destination structure - in your case it would be "/Photos/2014/07/17")


          or copy them (upon import) to the desired structure, e.g.


          (import destination "root" would be set to '/Photos')


          One of us is definitely missing something, maybe both..



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            SterlingPhoenix Level 1

            Hey Rob,


            The problem is I'm trying to import a specific directory, not import into one. I can't choose "2014/07/17", I can only choose "2014" and tell it to include "all subdirectories". And there are about 60 of them with over 10,000 photos total. The only way I see to filter the import is "Uncheck all" and then manually check the hundreds of photos from today, since there's no range selection (i.e., shift+select, etc).


            I do plan on telling it to import in place, that's not a problem. But I'm having a problem telling it WHAT to import...


            Here's a screenshot of Lightroom's import panel:

            Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 18.38.23 PM.png


            And here's Finder drilled all the way down to the day:


            Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 18.42.01 PM.png


            Again, if I tell Lightroom to Include Subdirectories, I get ALL THE PHOTOS for that YEAR, it won't let me choose a month or day.


            Any ideas?

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              areohbee Level 6

              I give up. You're missing the little "drill-down" triangles - I have no idea why - sorry.

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                SterlingPhoenix Level 1

                *laughs* Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I'm saying.

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                  SterlingPhoenix Level 1

                  Actually it gets weirder.


                  I started getting the expansion triangle in one year, bot not the months, and no other years.


                  Now they're also showing up in one month... maybe it's just... taking it's time cataloging things?... I have no idea.

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                    SterlingPhoenix Level 1

                    Ok, the way around this is rather than hitting "Import", you hit "Add Directory". That lets you do whatever.


                    Now I'm trying to figure out why I should use Lightroom over Bridge...

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                      areohbee Level 6

                      If Bridge does everything you need, then you don't need Lightroom.


                      As you've noticed, there is a great deal of overlap.


                      For some people, Lightroom has things over Bridge that are deal makers/breakers.

                      For some people, Bridge has things over Lightroom that are deal makers/breakers.

                      Some people could go either way.. - they use whatever they started with...


                      I use Lightroom because:

                      * I like the look and feel.

                      * I can write plugins for it in lua.

                      * publish services

                      (among other things)


                      Other people have other reasons they use Lightroom, same for other Bridge users..


                      I realize this wasn't much help, but you really need to investigate for yourself - there is plenty of findable info, and of course exploring on your own.


                      Good luck however you choose,


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                        SterlingPhoenix Level 1

                        Oh it definitely helps. I'm not a pro, just some guy with a camera who occasionally has too much time on his hands (;


                        The workflow in Lightroom is a bit strange for me - might eventually become more efficient, but for right now Bridge saves me a bunch of keypress/mouseclicks (: I figured since I technically have a legal copy of it, I may as well try it!