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    Adobe Extension Manager CC


           Having just updated the Extension Manager CC to and using PSCC 2014 I can't figure out why all the extensions listed in the Manager will not appear in the Extension Dropdown window in PSCC 2014? Of the 6 Adobe Extensions listed in the Extension Manager only 2 appear in Photoshop CC 2014? Adobe eMailer, Painting Assistant, Watermark and Adobe Exchange all fail to become available within PSCC 2014?

           Of course all of the above Extensions were available in PSCS6 and PSCC, but no longer in the Big Update to PSCC 2014! Does the problem lie within the updated Extension Manager or within the updated PSCC 2014 application? How can we have the Extension Manager expressing that these Extensions are installed yet not available to PSCC 2014?


           Any info regarding how to address this issue will be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks to all - JOHN


      Mac Pro 5,1

      OS X 10.7.5