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    BuddyAPI baGetFilename not opening in correct location in OSX Mavericks

    fazstp Level 2

      I have an application built in Director 11.5 using BuddyAPI xtra file selection dialogue baGetFilename. In OSX Mavericks (10.9.4) the dialogue doesn't seem to open in the specified path any more. It seems to default to the path last accessed in the previous file open dialogue. This has worked reliably in previous versions so I assume something has been changed in 10.9 that is confusing it.


      Has anyone else come across this issue? Can anyone suggest a workaround or alternative for the file selection dialogue. I basically need to specify the path for the file selection dialogue so I can open the appropriate folder for the type of file rather than relying on the end user to successfully navigate to the location every time. I also need to filter the dialogue to particular file types. Is there an alternative to the BuddyAPI xtra that is compatible with Director 11.5 and Mavericks? Is there a workaround to get BuddyAPI to work correctly?