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    Does my Youtube upload look clear to you?

    ChromaGuy Level 1

      Okay this is screwed up..

      I'll make it short!


      My PC uses an external monitor, on the PC I chroma key'd my videos shot on a green screen earlier - I played a video to see how it looked.


      RESULTS on PC - The footage looks perfect in windows media player but awful on Youtube/Vimeo.

      Results on laptop - Footage looks perfect in BOTH windows media player and Youtube.


      Youtube is clearly compressing my uploads to look like DIRT on certain monitors. SEE COMPARISON in this image. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img539/623/ffcb2d.png


      Yet I am exporting and playing h.264 20mbp bit rate 720p Progressive on Youtube.



      Would be very interested in knowing how it looks to the comminuty here on your devices/monitors in 720 HD on SMALL screen (Youtube 1080 + bigger screen isn't AS bad).


      SAMPLE (no audio fitness trainer shot). Chroma Key Test - No Audio - YouTube


      Please be brutally honest!! Does it look clear or pixelated?