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    Bookmark and its properties

    Sudha K Level 1



         I have created bookmark in pdf with multiple levels.  After run the script the bookmark properties shown as below.




      But I want to set the properties as the below image.



      Code :


      tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"

          tell active doc

              set pgNo to 3

              set cont to "TEST CONTENTS"

              set CNT to count of bookmarks

              set JsScript to "var gotoPg =" & pgNo & ";var bmarkConts = \"" & cont & "\";var root = this.bookmarkRoot;root.createChild(bmarkConts , \"this.pageNum=\" + gotoPg ," & CNT - 1 & ");"

          end tell

          set res to do script JsScript   

      end tell


      Whats wrong in my code?? Can anyone help me...



      Thanks in Advance,

      Sudha K