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      Hi Lightroom. the name is Brian and I did go for photography degree in college. of course I mostly used strobe for studio lighting, not much played with hot or work lights during the time frame. I have limited gear at this time. Trying to decide to either keep using cannon rebel or not. but I just want to show you what I have been working on. any feed back on working with hot lights in Lightroom? I do have plans on thinking of making some DIY home made diffusers for the clamp lights that I am using. Like as homemade soft box etc so that way the light would not be so rough or hard. of course I am using two lights. tungsten and day lights. on the side i am shooting with a cannon 580 flash on a light stand with umbrella.  but as in editing the images in lightroom is there a way to turn the harsh light down. Im self teaching my self lightroom never took the class in school mainly learned in photo shop. hers the link from the light room cloud. wich i love using. ill have these up for share for now. then ill take it off soon. any feedback is welcomed. photographers to. now i am planing to upgrade to nikon. and i dont want to do the same thing. cannon T3 with prime 50 f1.8 lens. thats what i am shooting with.


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