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    export pdf per two pages

    040767 Level 1

      Hey all,


      I need to export to pdf in 2-page-increments


      I found a somewhat similar script here in the forum but can't get it to work. Must be an error somewhere


      Would someone please check and correct this for InD CC2014?


      Thanks so much.


      // Output PDF pages per 2 pages.  //

      var SectionLength = 2;

      for (var p=0; p<app.activeDocument.pages.length; p += SectionLength)




                if (p+SectionLength-1 > app.activeDocument.pages.length)

                     pageRange = app.activeDocument.pages[p].name+"-"+app.activeDocument.pages[app.activeDocument.pages.le ngth-1].name;


                     pageRange = app.activeDocument.pages[p].name+"-"+app.activeDocument.pages[p+SectionLength-1].name;

                theFile = new File(pageRange+".pdf");

                app.activeDocument.exportFile (ExportFormat.pdfType, theFile, false);