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    Master Document / Data Merge / Template

    RuthK Level 1

      Hi - I'm using InDesign CC and soon will upgrade to CC 2014.


      I'm looking for the most efficient way to do a specific job.


      Basically, I have a multiple page template file. I need to create around 100 files based on this template which are personalised throughout the file in a consistent way - each file gets a logo in a set place, personalised text on one page, and then the name of their company scattered throughout the rest of the document.

      The only way I can see to do this is to create a template inDesign file, but that doesn't help me if the original template needs to change. It seems inefficient that if I need to make global changes, I would then need to edit each file individually.


      I am familiar with master pages, data merge, and importing INDD documents into other INDD documents - I thinks somehow a combo of these should do the trick, but I'm not sure how.


      All suggestions welcome!