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    After Effects switch pictures by the music's frequencies


      Well hello there helpful community!

      (Sorry if the format of this thread isn't correct, I am new to this)


      Recently I've had a idea of creating some 3D models in 3Ds Max and make them change some properties to the music temp.

      That's not that hard to do but the problem is that the rendering setup I've applied takes too long to render. Which is normal.. But I need something faster than that because

      I am willing to use the same style to every music I make. And that will take as long as it takes to make the actual music xD Which is not really worth it...


      So I've been thinking about rendering about 10 frames in the 3Ds max from the low property (lets say scale of the cube) to the biggest scale I need.

      And then somehow insert the frames into the After Effects, convert the music into automation and use that automation to control which frame it should show..


      Now I don't really know how to do that, that's why I am here. I believe there is some scripting action gonna be involved, but I am looking forward because I've got game development experience.


      Waiting for the help, sorry for my English, I am Russian.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can convert audio to keyframes in After Effects that you can use to drive expressions in AE. However, a third-party plugin called SoundKeys can help get a lot more specific keyframe information from audio files.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Very recently, I have succcess using the following procedure.  In fact, I just used it just this morning:


            • Save the project before you do anything else.
            • Set the audio preview for a long duration in AE preferences.
            • Turn off all the video layers -- they have eyeball icons.
            • Highlight the audio layer.  Make sure it is NOT compressed audio like mp3 or ac3 -- use wav or aiff for this.
            • Hit the period key on the numeric keypad.
            • On the places where you want a change, hit the asterisk (*) key on the numeric keypad.
            • When the preview is done, you will see markers on the audio layer.  You can go directly to the makers using the j and k keys.


            It is important to KNOW where you want the changes to take place.  Listen to the audio many times. Before you try this.

            If you make a mistake, use the Revert command to remove the markers from the audio layer.

            When you are happy with your markers, you can begin animating. It isn't automatic as a plugin would be.  I think it is better.