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    Can InDesign CS6 Understand a semicolon ";" as a separator in a .csv data merge file?


      Hi Everyone


      Please be patient with me as I am new to this forum. I have done a lot of searching for the answer to my question, which is:


      Is there a way that Indesign can understand a semicolon ";" as a separator in a .csv file?.

      When I import the file through InDesign's Merge Data Window it displays correctly as it should i.e.: The "Name" and the "Addresses" are there to be used in my text box, however when I do my preview it is not displaying as it should. What is happening is all of the "Names" are been put together side by side followed by all the "Addresses" together side by side. It cannot understand that the (1st Name) and (1st address) should should go side by side followed by the (2nd Name) and (2nd Address) underneath on a separate line and so on. There could be anything up to 10 names in the same "Cell" separated by a ";" under the "Names Heading" in the 1st row of my "Excel" file followed by the same amount of addresses in the same row but under the "Addresses Column". What I need InDesign to do is understand that where there is a ";" separator it needs to like like this:


      1st Name - 1st Address

      2nd Name - 2nd Address

      3rd Name - 3rd Address

      4th Name - 4th Address etc..


      The rest of the files need to follow the same sequence for all the different "Rows" that follow and be put onto a different page for each Row.

      So to summarise if I have "200 Row Excel File" I need to end up with with a "200 page InDesign Document"


      I know this is a lot to ask, but I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Thanks a Million!