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    Adobe Presenter 10 crashes when clicking record

    TroyThomas Level 1

      I am using windows 8.1 and have tried the 32 and 64 bit versions of Office 365 and Presenter 10. Since presenter detects the version of Office you have its always using the right one but i still get crash.


      Every time i load it and hit record i get the error message.


      "Adobe Presenter has encountered an unexpected problem while working with this presentation blah blah blah"  This happens with everything i try to try to record, even new presentations.


      I have also completely reinstalled my entire OS and all of the drivers to ensure its not some i loaded.  I have removed my webcam software completely to ensure its not my video camera as well.


      Ive spent hours on the phone with tech support and quite honestly they are terrible.  They have me go through the stupidest exercises to find the problem every time i call and its still not working.


      The last guy i talked to suggested i use another computer which is absurd to even suggest because that would mean i have to buy another copy of Office since its only good for 1 computer and 1 Tablet, let along the fact that i need to record on my best machine now some laptop.


      Windows 8.1

      Office 365

      Presenter 10

      Intel i5 - 4670k

      NVidia 760gtx Latest Drivers

      Realtek Audio

      GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD4H LGA 1150 Intel Z87

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          Yomi Level 1

          I have a similar problem and have found no useful information on the Adobe website... As a long term user of  Adobe Photoshop, I am kind of shocked to see the lack of support for Presenter which should be a good and is a much needed program. It is beyond annoying that they are so nonresponsive... Even worse from what Troy  says the techs are giving solutions that fault every other piece of software except their own. Give us all a break Adobe... do it right and support it fully.

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            TroyThomas Level 1

            After HOURS on the phone with Adobe people and them being completely useless i finally figure out why i am getting crashes when hitting record.


            Presenter 10 doesnt work with Multi Monitor Setups (at least some of them)


            Im not sure if anyone else has multi monitors and uses Presenter successfully but that was why mine crashes.


            This amazes me quite honestly...Powerpoint by nature is designed to support 2 screens...1 for the presentation and 1 for the controls...for Presenter 10 to not support such a basic thing is absurd.


            Come on Adobe you have been through 10 versions of Presenter and you cant get this right?


            This is like removing the start bar from Windows!!!

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              mcorridoni Level 1

              This issue definitely stems from Adobe Presenter's lack of support for PowerPoint's Presenter view, which takes advantage of extended/multiple monitors.


              However, there is an easy workaround, simply disable this option in PowerPoint.


              Open PowerPoint….goto SLIDE SHOW ribbon….Uncheck the “Use Presenter View” option and choose “Primary Monitor” from the drop-down.


              Now Adobe Presenter works fine.

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                bent7210158 Level 1

                THANK YOU.  I am not the kind of person who can walk away from an unresolved problem like this and I'm grateful for your post. This completely resolved my issue after obsessing over it for 20 hours of uninstall/reinstall, checking chat rooms and adobe resources. No luck until I saw your post. Running 2013 Office x64 on a 2014 Asus Essentio tower, twin 24" HDMI monitors, Windows 8.1 Pro x64.