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    EPS opacities flatten from Illustrator to InDesign




      I upgraded my Adobe CC suite yesterday and have since had trouble placing vector eps'/pasting vectors created in Illustrator.


      When placing a logo with opacity (so 40% opacity white area, 80% blue area) everything flattens (so it will be 100% white and 80% blue tint with no opacity - thereby knocking out any background)!! I can't seem to find the setting that has changed!


      There are no layer attributes/transparency options that are causing this issue, I'm viewing at high res preview in InDesign, and the PDF is showing the same result regardless of if I copy paste the logo or place it as an eps. Three colleagues have tried with different situations and files and we all get the same result – those on old machines aren't affected.


      I know you can use an .ai file but that would mean every single one of our current logo files and 100's of design and artwork files would need to be changed.


      With hope, and many thanks!