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    FormsCentral: Maximum number of fields & other customization questions

    Fanny Bertrand



      I am creating a form that is pretty long and I have arrived to a point where there is window popping up saying "The maximum authorized fields in a FormsCentral form is reached. You can modify or erase existing fields" (loose translation from French version installed on my computer). I would need more fields to complete the task required by our team.


      Is there a way I can add more fields, either by upgrading my version of FormsCentral or by any other means?


      I would also like to know if it's possible to:

      1. Change field background colour (not the writing)?
      2. Have only a certain part of the background be a specific colour?
      3. Change field indentations (not have them default to the left)?
      4. Create a field where user input is with a "slider bar"?
      5. Have a form that updates according to users responses (ie: when country selected allows only states/province from country chosen, etc.)


      For the pros out there: what program do you use to have complex and entirely customized forms? What type of programming skills would one need to achieve a decent-looking (and working) form? Do any of you have experience working with a layout done in InDesign (for example) and then modified to make a PDF form?


      Thanks a lot!


      TL;DR --> see questions in bold, they are the most important to me. Thanks!